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DATE hosiery 



At present, albeit in different textures and shapes of stockings have a long history. The first written sources, heseidos ancient Greek poet (8th century BC.) Animal hair, knitted lining of shoe (Pilon) mentioned. Also in Anatolia and Mesopotamia, the (20th century BC), a commentary on knitting socks. 


Romans in the legs, ankles and leather or fabric strips sararlardı legs. For the first time (İ.S.2.yy.) a fabric, felt, or there is some kind of animal fur is cut and sewn and flexible use of a sock. HR 3 tombs in ancient Egypt was knitting socks dated to between the 6th century. 


The first type of socks benzemezlerdi today. Leather or wool fabric that is sewn in the shape of the foot, followed birleştirilirdi pants. Over time, left the style of clothing than the part below the knee and the index above the fabric inceldi yıllarlın differentiated until the early 1500s the socks and pants at the end of the procedure continued to be used separately as a commodity başlanıldı.Ticari 13th century in Paris, began to produce knitwear. Than ever, the work done at home knitting knitting 1366'da first lodge in Paris in kurulmuştur.1514 knitting, crafts locasından is one of the six most important. 




16th century until the end of the hose örgüsüydü hand. The first sock knitting machine made in England in 1589. Nottinhamshire living in the village of Calverton, near the British priest, invented by William Lee, hand and foot-operated machine, the first knitting machine and then began to produce socks. Lee, the invention lies in a romantic love story with a poor girl in love with Lee, whom he met at Cambridge University student, wants to establish immediately. But her fiance, to knit socks from the house to support night after night. Lee, for her lover to get rid of hard work following hand movements, develop faster technique of knitting socks properly. "Why one loop in a move being taken? The order may be able to finish all at the same time," the opinion of Lee, at the same time there are more ways than one before you can loop But before you can use knitting stitches tığlarla finger was used. To do this, Lee thought hooked needle machine. At the end of the invention, developed a combination of metal-wood construction, but 6 times faster than the hand loom production yapılabiliniyordu .. 8 atabiliyordu.Bu inç'te silk yarn loops for wool, but for the matches kabaydı.Lee-to 'the invention of knitting technology basis for today. Her legs be very rude. 


Lee will continue the work he is stubborn and a new type of silk is too thin to be used in machine 20 stitches tasarlar.Yeni inch'te machine patent application is atabilmektedir.Tekrar .. But answer manual workers sense will aynıdır.Kraliçe knitting material damage, will increase unemployment and refuses to give the monopolization of the institutions that will lead to a patent. 


So the man's brother Lee is trying to develop the economy of France King IV. Complying with the invitation and fixed Henrri'nin Rouen in France. Loom socks are produced for 8 years. Adopted by the king of France and the patent for the machine to Lee, February 16 1612'de sock knitting machines for the production of the first performances Pierre de Caux's commercial contract yaptı.Böylece socks machine made in France. Lee on the final document in writing, dated 1615 in Rouen itself that the person is engaged in knitting stockings and French vesikasıdır. 


France, Germany and Saxony on the death of the last workers and some of Lee's brother, allegedly returned to England in the UK has to monopolize the production of machine hose machine stockings .. UK properties so learning and establishing a company in 1656 managed to keep its monopoly on the manufacture of machinery Jean Hindret'e. 


Although the production of socks, although the invention followed Lee's speed, especially the elite Europeans kazandırmıyor stones decorated with handmade lace and silk stockings to be used for many years. 

After Lee's sock knitting technique to stay one hundred years of development carried out for the gerekti.18.yy ilelemelerin most important of all from the house, named inventor JedediahStrutt.Strutt: Lee's work on machine tools, the machines can weave ribli used the additional apparatus. As a result, it was more flexible and knitted to forna bacağısaran. Strutt and three partners received a patent for their invention. (1759). They are rich revenues will olasa Development yavaşda olamlarını saqğlamıştı machine .. they produce, were "Deby rib" tanındı.ve socks once produced a popular machines. 



Lee's machine countertops development in the second half of the 19th century Paget iron, 1864, William Cotton invented the weft and weave back and forth, throwing the lever machines are available in flat machine .. Cotton and satisfy the launching system is no longer used in the machine system. Parts of this machine consists of 100-150000 tons of socks and a mixture of a dozen örebilmekteydi.Cotton konumlandırılmıştı deyil vertical horizontal machine needles in the past. 


Industrial PROCESS. 


Seamless hosiery machines are built around 19 th century development ortalarındad .. This is the number of stitches when knitting socks continued for nearly 100 years to increase or azalmadığından to produce in the form of straight pipe. 


Top of industry specific 19th century, for the socks, the factories have the capacity to produce large amounts of production and exports began to be .. The main center of Nottingham in England, France, Germany, Chemnitz had .. In addition, voice production is silk stockings idi.tabi stated that the production, the place is very important in overall consumption, especially in rural areas people need deyildi.Doğaldır socks knitted socks karşılanacaktı home for many years. 




Stockings 20th century PROCESS TECHNOLOGY "NYLON" USE 


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